Compelling cover!!!

Publication Date: 2nd February

Formats: Hardback & Ebook

Price: Hb £20.00/ Ebook £8.98

Publisher: Wildfire

I would like to say a huge thank you to Rosie Margesson and Wildfire Books for inviting me to take part on this thrilling book’s tour, and to also allow me to read and review this intriguing book. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the mastermind behind the cunning plot twists, Elliot Sweeney for creating such a vast range of characters especially Dylan Kaspar an ex cop with a tragic past.. (and seriously it’s one that any parent would consider there darkest fear) and how the past can come back to haunt you. Intrigued? Let’s head to the blurb and find out a bit more.

Dylan Kasper is stuck. Living in self-imposed reclusion from his former life in the police, he’s been in a downward spiral since his daughter’s death five years ago.

All that changes when the son of an esteemed professor jumps under an inner city train. His former colleagues call it suicide – but Kasper knows different. This has all happened before – to him, and his dead daughter.

Taking on the investigation himself, Kasper soon realises the terrible trouble young Tommy had found himself in. With nowhere to run, he thought suicide was the only way to keep his family safe.

But before long, Kasper’s investigations makes him target number one. Can he keep his demons in check and stay alive long enough to bring those responsible to justice…..

As soon as I read the first page, that was it I was completely and utterly hooked. This is definitely a unique look into I guess a modern PI detective, who was once a cop but due to personal reasons gave it up and has just been trying to survive from day to day. Till a meet up with a boy who has a lot of issues intrigued him enough to find out a bit more about him, until the said boy commits suicide. With a past that is also directly connected to a similar death, our PI finds himself called upon to work out what the hell the poor boy was upto and why was there no one with whom the boy could turn to.

There is a lot of darkness and shiftiness within this story, some rather broken homes with families having to tell lies to each other to try and either protect them from being scrutinised or trying to protect what’s left of their own self worth. I was intrigued by the plot, but I can’t say whether I had much sympathy for some of the characters. There is the revered professor the father of the boy who is more distant than actively wanting to show his feelings towards his son, there’s also the enigmatic and feisty sister as well as some shady characters with whom try to take down Kasper, as he starts to get too close to the truth.

I think that this is definitely a cleverly written and unique crime/thriller. One that looks into the mind, how outside factors can influence us to act against our natures, such as stress and pressures that seem to overwhelm us can with some more force make us want to take our own life especially if there’s no way out (in our head at least). This also delves into serious subjects such as suicide, trauma and abuse.

This is definitely a compelling book and one that will make you want to know what will Kasper do next?

Ratings: 4 🌟s with a large ☕️ and a large 🍰

Author’s Blurb:

Elliot Sweeney

Elliot Sweeney is a community psychiatric nurse from London. He was awarded the Fisher Scholarship to attend the Curtis Brown Creative novel writing course, and he’s also been supported by Spread the Word through their London Writers Awards Scheme. The Literary Consultancy has showcased him as a Spotlight Author, and he’s written for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Switchblade, amongst others.

I hope you have enjoyed this dark and disturbing journey into what makes us tick and what can make us jump. If you want to get hold of a copy you can find this in Waterstones, independent stores and of course on Amazon. I will leave you now to say Happy Reading and see you all soon!!!

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