Lovely cover!!!

Publication Date: Out now!!!

Formats: Paperback & Ebook

Price: Pb £8.99/ Ebook £2.99

Publisher: Orion

I would like to say a huge thank you to Tracy Fenton for organising this wonderful book’s tour. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Orion for not only this tour but also allowing me to read and review a physical copy of this heartwarming book. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the creative talent, Lia Louis for creating such a heartbreaking and also uplifting and heartwarming book, about grief, healing and second chances, it’s a romance with heart and raw emotion. Intrigued? Let’s head over to the blurb and find out a bit more.

Can you ever really find the one after ‘the one’?

Some people spend their whole lives trying to find the one. But Natalie found him – and married him. And then Russ died.

Two years ago, her whole world was shattered. Still now, she feels like she’s trying to piece her broken heart back together, one day at a time.

But then she finds a sheet of music – one that only Russ would know – in the piano stool in St. Pancras Station where she’s secretly been playing for the last few months.

For the first time, Natalie realises that maybe life does still hold a little magic. And with every note she plays, she feels as if she’s unlocking another fragment of her heart….

But will she ever truly find love again after she’d already found forever?

As I started to read the first page, I was hooked, mesmerised and just spell bound by the story, of a woman called Natalie who has found that rare breed, “The One”!!!. You know, that person who knows you inside and out, accepts you for who you are, sees your strengths but also sees your weaknesses and can also make you laugh and smile. But then he dies, leaving her in a turmoil of grief, that leaves her struggling to find her balance in everyday life.

Until she finds a piece of music which speaks to her and only her, and as these pieces of music keep coming (or found) she realises quite how special they are, as they all have meaning to her and her lost beloved. This story really hits you hard and doesn’t let up at all, as she reels from her grief that yes can tale however long (two years, in the grand scheme of things that’s way too short) I found her trying to appear normal (as she can be) both heartbreaking and inspiring. As she doesn’t realise that her doing something so spontaneous and reactionary leads her to finally heal (slowly) but also allow other people to come in.

I don’t want to spoil any more of this beautiful and poignant book, but it really moved me to tears and hit me quite hard emotionally (all in a good way) I found the characters believable and relatable. There is so much love and compassion within this story it’s just magnificent.

I would urge you to grab a copy for yourself right now or ASAP. I cannot highly recommend this book enough.

Ratings: 5 🌟s with a large ☕️ and a large 🍰.

Author’s Blurb:

Lia Louis is a writer from Hertfordshire where she lives with her partner and three young children. In 2015, she won ELLE’ magazine’s annual talent competition with her contemporary love letter, #RelationshipGoals. Lia’s fascination with letters doesn’t stop with her writing: she also has a varied collection of old letters which are a source of inspiration to her. Somewhere Close To Happy is her first novel.

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely and heartwarming story and I also hope you find yourself buying this book, as it will touch you and won’t leave your mind. You can find this book in Waterstones, any independent store and of course on Amazon. I will leave you now to say Happy Reading and see you all soon!!!

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