Chilling cover!!!

Publication Date: Out now!!!!

Formats: Hardback & Ebook

Price: Hb £16.99/ Ebook £0.99p

Publisher: Aries (Head Of Zeus)

I would like to say a huge thank you to Head Of Zeus for inviting me to take part on this creepy, chilling and thrilling book’s tour. I would also like to say thank you for allowing me to read and review a digital copy. A huge thank you once again to the chillingly talented A.M. Shine, who has created another terrifying, haunting tale of people’s fear of nature, being isolated and also the fear of themselves. Which may have manifested into a mythic tale of “the creeper”. Intrigued? Let’s head over to the blurb and find out a bit more.

Renowned academic Dr Sparling seeks help with his project on a remote Irish village. Historical researches Ben and Chloe are thrilled to be chosen – until they arrive.

The village is isolated and forgotten. There is no record of its history, it’s stories. There is no friendliness from the locals, only wary looks and whispers. The villagers lock down their homes at sundown.

It seems a nameless fear stalks the streets, but nobody will talk – nobody except one little girl. Her words strike dread into the hearts of the newcomers. ‘Three times you see him. Each night he comes closer”….

That night, Ben and Chloe, see a sinister figure watching them. He is The Creeper. He is the nameless fear in the night. Stories keep him alive. And nothing will keep him away…..

It’s that time of year when the darkness starts to encroach, the leaves fall and turn a russet red and there’s a little chill in the air. We also get warm comfort style foods and sometimes get tempted to turn up the heater (which we always deny we do). This book is perfect for an autumnal read and especially for a spooky and haunting night. Although I should warn you that if you do read it before bed and sleep, make sure your curtains are drawn or blinds down, you might freak yourself out if you don’t.

I was hooked straight into the story from the very first page and found myself on a dark and twisted journey where legends and myths might not all be a fairytale to frighten kids… what if our nightmares became real? This has elements of the slenderman, bogeyman among other similar folktales and ghostly happenings. The only thing I have a problem with is that I felt no sympathy for any of the characters Ben just came across as down right rude, snarky and not charming. Chloe just was there as the fall guy(girl). The rather sinister older professed guy was I have to admit a brilliant character to add to the sense of creepiness, but the victims? (No spoilers don’t worry) I just couldn’t like them.

Having said that it’s still creepy, eerie, haunting and terrifying. There’s the menace of the natural world vs human presence and also how our modern way of thinking can easily head back to the past and our time of fear of the unknown and that no matter if we are students, professors or village inhabitants we are all still connected back to a time when everything could kill, harm or injure us. I would highly recommend this wonderfully atmospheric book to anyone who loves a good thrill and chill.

Ratings: 4 🌟s with a large ☕️ and a large 🍰 (you might find due to how engrossed you are in the book that you will be left with crumbs and empty mugs)

Author’s Blurb:


A.M.Shine writes in the Gothic horror tradition. Born in Galway, Ireland, he received his Master’s Degree in History there before sharpening his quill and pursuing all things literary and macabre. His stories have won the Word Hut and Bookers Corner prizes and he is a member of the Irish Writers Centre. His debut novel, The Watchers, has been critically acclaimed. The Creeper is his second full-length novel.

I hope you have enjoyed this creepy, dark, disturbing and unsettling journey into a tale of nightmares, and an unsettling presence which if you see once he is far away, the second time you see him, he’s nearer…. The third time… well that’s when you have to be afraid!!! If you are looking for a copy, you can find this in Waterstones, any independent store and of course on Amazon. I will leave you now to say Happy Reading and see you all soon!!!

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