Charming cover!!!

Publication Date: Out now!!!!

Formats: Paperback & Ebook

Price: Pb £8.99/ Ebook £0.99p (at the moment)

Publisher: HQ

I would like to say a huge thank you to HQ for allowing me to take part on this wonderful and heartwarming book’s tour. I would also like to say thank you to HQ for allowing me to read and review a physical copy of this book. I would also like to say thank you to the creative genius, Ashley Poston for creating such a fun, unique and wonderful rom com that I am still thinking about it even now. A mixture of arrogant man with a kind and caring woman, with a unique twist of ghosts, undertaking and a little bit of magic. Intrigued? Let’s head over to the blurb to find out more.

Florence Day is a ghost-writer with one big problem. She’s supposed to be penning swoon worthy novels for a famous romance author, but after a bad break-up, Florence no longer believes in love. And when her strict (but undeniably hot) new editor, Benji Andor, won’t give her an extension on her new deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye.

Although when tragedy strikes and Florence has to head home, the last thing she expects to see is a ghost at her front door. Not just any ghost, however, but the stern form of her still very hot – yet now unquestionably dead – new editor.

As sparks start to fly between them, Florence tells herself she can’t be falling for a ghost – even an infuriatingly sexy one. But can Benji help Florence to realise love isn’t dead, after all?

Wow, I knew this one would be good but I didn’t know how amazing and just heartwarming it would be. This book isn’t just about love it’s about understanding death and grief and that sometimes it’s ok to ask for help. The characters are just absolutely superb and brilliantly drawn, we have Florence who feels desperate and numb about a work that used to give her life and happiness until heartache makes her not in touch with her romantic side and fears will she ever again?…. We also have Benji, her extremely hot new editor who is also intimidating and stern and gives her an ultimatum that makes her feel more lost than ever. Then disaster strikes and she heads home, to a place that used to be comforting and unchangeable suddenly she finds herself like a stranger and finds that having to interact with her family again and trying to build the bonds may take her mind off her own troubles.

Obviously the romance isn’t left hanging and soon it feels like fate is trying to draw two, what would seem unlikely, people together.I won’t spoil anymore of this wonderful book, but I loved this brilliant, movingly enchanting tale, that not only show’s relationships flaws and weaknesses, but also how shared grief and a ghost stubborn enough to care and help out can bring about positive change and of course that extra magic… romance. This is an emotional and endearing book and one that has captured my heart. If you are looking for a new take on the Rom-Com trope then look no further than this beauty. I would urge you to grab this copy and read it straightaway.

Ratings: 5 🌟s with a large ☕️ and a large 🍰 with a few 🍪s too.

Author’s Blurb:

Ashley Poston writes stories about love and friendship and ever afters. A native to South Carolina, she now lives in a small grey house with her sassy cat and too many books (heaven to me!!!). You can find her on the internet, somewhere, watching cat videos and reading fan-fiction.

I hope you have enjoyed this charming, moving and warm-hearted book, about love, death, grief and finding out that sometimes magic can happen it might be slow and it might be small but sometimes love does prevail. If you are wanting a copy for yourself, you can find this in Waterstones, any independent store and of course on Amazon. I will leave you now to say Happy Reading and see you all soon!!!

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