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Publication Date: 15th September

Formats: Hardback & Ebook

Price: Hb £16.99/ Ebook £5.79

Publisher: Aries Book (Head of Zeus)

I would like to say a huge thank you to Aries Fiction (Head of Zeus) for allowing me to read and review a copy of this marvellous book and to take part on this fantastic tour. I would also like to say thank you to the historic genius, Dan Jones, for what I can only describe as a mad, bad and adventurous and fantastic novel on a group of mercenaries during the 100 years war and how each of these men are given voice and a life in which for these men they are just men used like pawns in a game between warring neighbours or kingdoms. Intrigued? Let’s head over to the blurb and find out a bit more.

July 1346

The Hundred Years War has begun, and King Edward and his lords are on the march through France. But this war belongs to the men on the ground.

Swept up in the bloody chaos, a tight-knit company from Essex must stay alive long enough to see their home again. With sword, axe and longbow, the Essex dogs will fight, from the landing beaches of Normandy to the blood soaked field of Crécy.

There’s Pismire, small enough to infiltrate enemy camps. Scotsman, strong enough to tear down a wall. Millstone, a stonemason who’ll do anything to protect his men. Father, a priest turned devilish by the horrors of war. Romford, a talented young archer on the run from his past. And Loveday FitzTalbot, their battle-scarred captain, who just wants to get his boys home safe.

Some men fight for glory. Others fight for coin. The Essex Dogs? They fight for each other.

This is a searing and gripping read, one in which that will leave you hanging on your seat, bellowing with laughter and gasping in disbelief and also at times filled with emotion as you follow these bands of brothers fighting, dying and also trying to live to see another day. Dan makes a compelling storyteller and his characters are full to life and breathing curses like smoke. This is a book that puts hair on your chest and makes you want to drink loads of beer and get into brawls (please don’t actually do this).

I loved how evocative and slow, laborious and often a little bit boring a campaign into enemy territory a war march can be. And then when the fighting starts it’s quick, brutal and messy, there is no finesse just brutal savagery and a desire or madness to live and kill. I loved how each men get their own backstory and how each are connected and strengthened by their bonds to one another. This is more than just a good ol men fighting and bashing each other, it’s about the differences between the lords and aristocracy compared with the harsh, brutal and at times frugal existence with which the common man or battle-hardened mercenaries have to survive.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves history and how messy, boring, tedious and yet also exciting and tense battles could be. I should warn you this isn’t a pretty, rose tinted book, it’s brutal, savage and furiously messy and bloody but it’s also emotional and just brilliant.

Ratings: 5 🌟s with 🍻 and 🍖 (sorry ☕️ and 🍰 just doesn’t quite cut it with this book 😉)

Author’s Blurb:

Dan Jones

Dan Jones is the Sunday Times and the New York Times bestselling author of ten non-fiction books, including The Templars, The Colour of Time and Powers and Thrones. He is a renowned writer, broadcaster and journalist, and has for many years wanted to write authentic but action-packed historical fiction (which I can honestly say he has achieved). His debut novel Essex Dogs, is the first in a planned trilogy following the fortunes of ten ordinary soldiers in the early years of the Hundred Years’ War. He lives in London with his family.

I hope you have enjoyed this brilliantly written, action-packed, brutal and gripping read. If you are desperate for a copy I would urge you to pre order, or if not to go into Waterstones, or any independent store or even go onto Amazon. I will leave you now to say Happy Reading and see you all soon!!!

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